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President Harrison: Lobster in bowls and on rolls

Lobster Salad

By Mrs John Wanamaker, Wife of the Postmaster-General, “Statesmen’s Dishes and How to Cook Them, 1890”

Split two good-sized, fine, freshly-boiled lobsters. Pick all the meat from out the shells, then cut it into one-inch lengths, equals pieces. Place it in saucepan on the hot range, with one ounce of very good fresh butter. Season with one pinch salt and half a saltspoon of red pepper, adding two medium-sized sound truffles cut into small disk-shaped pieces. Cook for five minutes, then add a wineglassful of good Madeira wine. Reduce to one-half, which will take three minutes. Have three egg yolks in a bowl with half a pint of sweet cream; beat well together and add to it the lobster. Gently shuffle for two minutes longer or until it thickens well. Pour it into a hot tureen and serve hot.

My Notes:

·         I dropped the truffles I find their flavor is too strong for delicate lobster.

·         I added in some chopped celery at very end when adding the cream to give it some texture.

·         This is great warm in bowls or cold on rolls. It all works and is all delicious.  

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