España: Chorizo, Prawn, and Pepper Salad


España: Chorizo, Prawn, and Pepper Salad

My English bff, Alley, is at it again, whipping up a Spanish springtime salad that is easy to prepare and packed with flavor. Though I have never been to Spain (shame on me, I know), I do visit there often in my daydreams. I wash down masses of manchego, iberico ham, and olives with bottles of red whilst lounging in cafés on picturesque squares, surrounded by hip crowds with pointy shoes.  Thanks to this salad, all of this can be achieved at 4pm on a cloudy Tuesday in Washington, DC… Thank you Alley…. Pardon me, gracias.

Serves 1

·         1 large handful of rocket leaves (can be hard to find in the US.. cant substitute accordingly)

·         1 handful of sliced chorizo

·         1 handful of peeled prawns/shrimp (can also use precooked)

·         1 chopped red pepper

·         1 handful of cherry tomatoes

·         1 spring onion, chopped

·         Chopped chili or chili flakes, to taste

·         Sea salt and cracked pepper


·         In a frying pan over medium heat, add chorizo slices, red pepper pieces, and chili (if desired). There  should be enough fat in the chorizo to keep the peppers from sticking but if not, add a bit of olive oil. Cook until peppers are soft and chorizo is starting to look crispy (5 mins tops)

·         Add shrimp and cook until pink. Squash some cherry tomatoes in your hand and add. Stir and let everything cook for 2 mins.

·         Assemble salad: rocket on bottom, cooked ingredients then spring onions, salt & pepper and additional toppings (noted below).

Optional toppings: sliced avocado, soft goat cheese

Just a note: Chorizo isn’t too pricey if you look for it at Trader Joe’s.

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