Fusion at its finest? Warm Choco Chip Cookies with Red Miso

Over 1,000 people stood in line in LA to try Keizo Shimamoto’s ramen burgers. Besides being jealous of people who have nothing better to do than stand in line for hours waiting on a sandwich, I do have to wonder if there is something to this fusion craze. Burgers and ramen, separated by a vast ocean and cultural differences, meet and make a love connection. But is this forever or will the burger return to the bun in search of a long term commitment? 

Tonight, I had a similar unlikely combo at the trendy Toki Underground in DC. In life, I love nothing more than warm chocolate chip cookies. At Toki, these come slathered with red miso paste. Half the group decided the union was magical, half found it an assault on the senses (I loved it).  If nothing else, we can certainly thank these trendy combos for keeping us entertained and excited.. if only for a couple of bites.

Try this at home but make sure your cookies are straight out the oven! 

Posted on November 13, 2013 and filed under dessert, world travel.