Simple Sundays: Greek Orzo Pesto Salad with Edamame


Orzo is a little Greek noodle that clings to sauces for dear life, making it ideal for a pasta salad. I got this recipe from my roommate Laura Lou and made a big bowl for my going away party in Singapore. It seemed to go down a treat- though most were a couple of glasses of Ouzo in upon consumption (Opa)! The edamame is definitely not a Greek ingredient but adds a a bit of substance. If you aren't a feta fan (bizarre), use goat cheese and if you are taking it to work the next day, stir in a bit of olive oil to battle clumping.  


-1  1/2 cup (200g) orzo

-1  1/2 cup (200g) cherry tomatoes, halved

-1  1/2 cup (200g) edamame, cooked according to instruction

-3 Tbsp pesto *store bought or see homemade recipe below 

-1/2 cup (65g) feta (or goat cheese), crumble

- balsamic glaze, to drizzle on top 

-salt and pepper, to taste


-bring water to a boil and cook orzo until al dente (about seven minutes)

- drain and rinse with cold water to remove excess starch

-mix in pesto, tomatoes, edamame, and feta

-season and top with balsamic drizzle




-4 cups packed fresh basil

-4 garlic cloves

-1 cup almonds

-2 and 1/2 cups olive oil

-1 and 1/2 cups grated pecorino (romano or parmesan is fine)

-salt to taste


-put garlic, cheese, and nuts into a food processor. Pulse until sand-like texture.

-add basil. pulse again.

-pour oil in batches. add a little. pulse (and so on). Season. 

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