Thailand: Mango Sticky Rice


The best things about Thailand are the food and shopping.. just fabulous. I went on a girls shopping trip to Chatuchak market in Bangkok (the largest in the country) and fell in love. It’s competitive shopping at its best and when you are six foot tall you generally have the advantage. If you are ever in Bangkok, make it a priority to fuel up for your shopping with as many noodles as you can manage and, for dessert, stop in at Mango Tango for sticky rice. This is what I will be eating everyday if I ever go to heaven (unlikely). Creamy and fruity, it is a great entrée into Asian desserts for those less adventurous. Just a note: make sure to buy glutinous or sticky rice (plain white rice will not work).

Enough for 4 (easily doubled)
• 1 cup sticky rice (Asian food stores)
• 2 ripe mangos, cut into little blocks or slices
• 4-5 Tbsp. palm sugar OR brown sugar
• 1 can coconut milk (not lite)
• water (for boiling or steaming the rice)
• sprinkle of salt
• Soak sticky rice in cold water for 4 hours (or overnight). Drain.
• Add a rice, a cup of water, a Tbsp of sugar, a sprinkle of salt and half of the can of coconut to a pot.
• Bring to a simmer and keep partially covered, so steam can still escape.
• Cook until all has been absorbed. After it has, turn off heat but keep pot and lid on the stovetop. Wait till it is super sticky then scoop out.
• For sauce, combine rest of coconut milk and rest of sugar until dissolved.
• Assemble: rice in a mound and sauce over the rice and slices of mango.

Posted on December 22, 2013 and filed under dessert, world travel.