photo c/o jess moore photography

photo c/o jess moore photography

Ailsa (sounds like "Elsa") hails from Norfolk, Virginia. Suffering from a serious case of culinary wanderlust, she has eaten her way clear around the globe. She was also a contestant on FOX's MasterChef Season 6 with Gordon Ramsey. Now based in New Orleans, LA she has dedicated herself to time travel (with help from her friends at the Library of Congress), in search of America's long lost foodie favorites. 


About Ailsa "Elsa" von D:

Hometown: Norfolk, Virginia

Cities Lived: London, Singapore, Hamilton (Bermuda), Panama City, Panama, Washington DC, New Orleans, LA

Cooking School: Le Cordon Bleu- London

Favorite Sip: Cucumber collins or a glass of Malbec

Last Supper: Spaghetti pomodoro to start, followed by a filet with truffle fries and bernaise

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